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At Next Gen Influence, we help you to reach your full potential so that your business can thrive. More and more ambitious individuals are taking the leap into entrepreneurship every day. It can be incredibly daunting and overwhelming trying to navigate the ins and outs of digital marketing and eCommerce if you don't have the right resources. The reality is that 90% of startup businesses fail within the first 5 years. Our goal is to arm you with the tools and advice to ensure you fall into the 10% who succeed.  We firmly believe that we can help to empower you, give you clarity, and help guide you through the eCommerce and digital marketing world. Want to take the leap, grow your business, extend your reach, and work smarter not harder? Then click below to see which of our services fit your needs best.


- Seth Godin

Direct REsponse Marketing

Helping businesses grow their eCommerce stores and social following through strategic digital marketing.


Brand strategising that allows businesses to express their message and ethos with their loyal followers and fans.

Marketing Consulting

Empowering business owners. Teaching you how to best marketing your business, allowing you to grow exponentially and be self sufficient.

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